Batch Upload

When you upload document and fill the index
you can use it for searching.

Manual Upload

Go upload your document's and set filename,
description, property document and correlation.


Get your file with download selected document on the list.

Edit Document

Choose and change the property or description of file when you want to edit.

OCR Document

If you have scan document in format picture
Cirrust allow to convert in to text.

Set Version

You can change the version of the document
to suit your needs.


Send document link to your teams so that you
can collaborate.

Copy Link

Copy and paste the link to share document

Check In - Check Out

Lock document and unlocked with new version
of the document.


Add text or notes for collaboration with your

Document Search

Search by Filename

Search Remember your filename or description
file when you upload

Search by Property

When you upload document and fill the index
you can use it for searching.

Search by Content

Each searchable document allows searching by



The API allows to get all the functionality that
Cirrust DMS includes easily and quickly.

LDAP Active Directory

Connect to your active directory to facilitate
your company account management


Collections & Folders

We call root folder is collection. Each collection can explain the division in your organization.

Document Retention

Cirrust reminds documents that are about to expire.

Access Right

Access rights are easily customizable per collection and per folder.

User & Group

Set up your user credentials against the associated group.

Document Template

Create your property documents with various types, namely text, number, date & dropdown.

Audit Trail

Everything will be recorded on system and you can export the log of all or specific activity.